Monday, 15 July 2013


I may have accidentally visited both Hobbycraft and Samuel Taylors today... And that's after a trip to Lili of the Valley on Friday, and a slightly too large online shop too!

I can trust you all not to tell my husband, right? ;-)

I just finished making a rather special card, but unfortunately it's too dim in here right now (*hates on the fact that we can only buy 40W lightbulbs these days*), so it will have to wait for morning...

In the meantime, I just discovered that the word verification thingie is on by default on blogs, and I have turned it off. I hate capcha with a passion, so I won't be subjecting anyone to it! lol.

Oh, and while I'm here... Can anyone recommend any good promarker tutorials? I've looked at the ones on the Letraset website, and there's some floating around on blogs I'm following, but if anyone knows of any that shouldn't be missed, please holler!



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