Saturday, 6 August 2016

Creative Chemistry 103 - Day 5 and 6

Hi all, I'm back with more Creative Chemistry 103 tags, and all caught up with class now. I've had such a lot of fun, and will keep playing and experimenting with some of these new techniques over the next week or so, so watch this space!

My Yupo was very kindly delivered by Mr. Amazon while I was at work this morning, so I sat down with my alcohol inks today and get caught up with yesterday's homework.

Technique 1 - Alcohol ink stamped resist on Yupo

This one didn't go quite according to plan... The idea was to wipe away the ink to have a white-ish ghost image left behind, but try as I might, I could only get it to partially work. I strongly suspect that the problem was with the stamp. I used one of the LOTV background stamps, and though they are gorgeous, the stamps themselves are very sticky. So most of the ink stayed on the stamp, and the little left on the background dried before I could put my cloth to it.
I think this is one I will try again this next week or so, using a different stamp to see what difference it would make.

Technique 4 - Alcohol ink texture resist on Yupo

This was fun, though in retrospect I'd have used a different embossing folder. The reason I picked this was because it was the only one I have that isn't just a repetitive pattern! lol.

Technique 3 - Alcohol ink faded layers on Yupo

Quite a lot of fun once I finally got a background I was happy with. I think I used up half a bottle of each colour, and got rather lightheaded because of the fumes! lol.

Technique 4 - Alcohol ink painting on Yupo

After a couple of goes with this, and some truly disastrous results, I admit I gave up. I'm not exactly brilliant at water-colouring yet, and this is a few huge leaps ahead of that! One day I may revisit, but in the meantime, this one's not for me.

Technique 5 - Alcohol ink liquid landscapes on Yupo

Creating a landscape was loads of fun, even if I'm not so good at this freehand stuff, lol. The sun was easy, just a single drop onto my sky, and the mountains weren't bad either. I attempted a lake and river, which is where it went somewhat south. But still, loads of fun.

Technique 6 - Alcohol ink splattered floral

This was kinda fun too. made three of them, but the first was the best, I think. Also, the only Yupo Mr. Amazon was able to provide on such short notice was the translucent one, which means my double-sided tape is showing through on the very lightly coloured bits. Bears remembering for the future!

And that was day 5. I must admit, probably my least favourite. I don't think alcohol inks are "my medium", so to speak, I just like to use them to colour things. But that's ok... I have so many others to choose from!

And speaking of favourites. The day 6 homework was to create something using our favourite technique on something other than cardstock.
Naturally I immediately went running back to collage and Distress Crayons, and used a hard canvas board as my base. I love using canvas, as it adds an immediate texture to a project...

And this is what I made:

I may just have to find somewhere to hang this... :-)

That's it from me, now I must go help my daughter pack for her NCS trip!

Have a fantastical weekend everyone!



Karen said...

Great tags and I LOVE your liquid landscape!!

Beth Henry said...

Beautiful work on all of your tags!!

Chris said...

The tags look great Sammy, some interesting techniques used here with some lovely results, I've never used Yupo, didn't even know what it was until I googled it!
The canvas is gorgeous, fabulous collage...a work of art!

Redanne said...

Great results again Sammy, I have to admit that the Yupo day was my favourite but it is good that we are all different I guess! Love your favourite example, it is truly stunning! It has been a great but exhausting week!! Anne x

Wishcraft said...

Love all the techniques you've been trying, they look like fun. Your canvas is gorgeous! I bought some distress crayons ages ago, but haven't done much with them yet... must get them out again :o) Hugs, Lisa x

Marjeta said...

Interesting Tags. Admire your different technique, Must admit that I haven´t heard about Yupo since now. Who knows...perhaps somethimes I will try with it.


cotnob said...

Such a lot of fabulous techniques Sammy, I'm glad you enjoyed the class I can't wait to see what else you make with your newly learnt techniques.

MaryH said...

You may not have achieved the exact results _you_ were looking to created, but let me tell you: each of these tags is just awesome. And I was especially impressed with your scenic look. It was interesting to see the different products and the looks that resulted, and I think all of these represent some excellent work. Good for you at experimenting, and I'm so glad you shared each of them. It helps to know what works well for other crafters, and even though you didn't get exactly what you were aiming for, I think you should be really pleased with EACH of these!!! TFS & Hugs

Lynne in NI said...

Wow, these are all fab! I haven't heard of Yupo before.

Valerija said...

This is amazing. Love all your projects.
Valerija xx

Kat W said...

No-one can say you haven't been dedicated to trying out all the techniques and even though a few haven't been quite for you, it looks like you have also discovered lots that was fun and looks great. Your tags all look fabulous :-)
Oh, and your that is a gorgeous piece of art and I'm sure you can find somewhere to hang deserves to be seen!
Big hugs, Kat xx

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Oh Sammy! You totally have to hang that canvas, what an inspiring piece for the craft room! (Or anywhere in the house for that matter, it's awesome!) Love all the different tags and the techniques used to create them, stunning. I absolutely love the splash one at the end, which looks so like an amazing flower! Stunning!! Hugs, Wends xoxo

Jane Savage said...

Jaw-dropping, Sammy! More amazing tags but that canvas...oh my! xxx

Pamellia said...

What a wonderful collection Sammy. So many great techniques. Looks like you're having fun with the classes. hugs :)

KT Fit Kitty said...

These all look amazing! I don't have Yupo but would love to try it! Your alcohol ink tags are fabulous! My alcohol inks have been collecting dust and I think these techniques look like fun!

Margaret Mifsud said...

An amazing collection of tags Sammy! You may not have achieved the results you were aiming for but each one has turned out totally gorgeous!! And the canvas .. totally awesome!!!