Friday, 19 July 2013

Is there such a thing as too much LOTV?

No! Of course there's no such thing as too much LOTV!! :-D

With all the wedding cards I've been making recently (and I don't know anyone that's getting married! lol), I figured to mix it up a little and do an engagement card instead!

Image from Lily of the Valley, as is the flower. most other bits and pieces from a local haberdashery, papers I picked up as singles from a local craft shop and no idea who designed them! :-( 

In other news, both kids' schools broke up today, so there goes all peace and quiet for the next six weeks! On the upside, Craftwise in Leeds is doing a badge-making workshop for the young'uns tomorrow, so will take them there to enjoy said workshop... (while I browse the aisles and fail at not buying anything! Shhhh, don't tell hubby, he won't let us leave the house!! ;-) )

Have a great evening everyone!



Sarah said...

Adorable little couple Sammy, if she's got any sense she'll stick with the bear!! Only joking, I love my hubby to bits! I hope you all enjoy your workshop tomorrow x

Unknown said...

Those LOTV images are really sweet - beautiful engagement card. I hope the sunshine we're having at the moment continues for you during the summer holidays. Enjoy your 'browsing' tomorrow while the children enjoy the workshop.

Sammy said...

Haha... I have days where I think exactly the same thing. But hubbies can be useful at times, lol.
Thank you, I'm sure we will!

Sammy said...

Thanks :-)
Apparently, it's going to "cool down" to 25 degrees over the weekend, and then go up to 35 next week! I'm not complaining... Can't remember the last time we actually had some sun in the summer!

CuteNCrafty Mommy said...

Just found you. Following on Blog Lovin'! This is super cute!!!:)
Great priced, fun digi paper
Tabitha's Designs Blog
Please come and share your talent with a parents day theme project before the 26:) !!!