Tuesday, 16 July 2013


I've been busy the past couple of days!

With the end of the school year only a couple of days away, it was high time to make some "thank you teacher" cards.
Now, as my son has Aspergers, there's quite a lot of people involved with him on a day to day basis, and just one card for the class teacher just won't do!

So, I decided on a gift card. One with a special pocket that contains a couple of teabags. I figured Chamomile was the way to go, as the end of the school year is a good time to relax!

10 of said cards later and they are all ready and waiting to go to school with my son :-)

Male card using My Mind's Eye papers and Lili of the Valley sentiment stamp.

Inside of male card

Female card using First Edition "Family Ties" papers and Lili of the Valley sentiment stamp.

Inside of female card.

A good day's work, all-in-all :-D



Sheri Gilson said...

Great project!

Shuly said...

hahahahaha i enjoyed reading your profile, i have the same pbms with the papers i buy that's why i sts print paper from digital paper sites!
your creations are beautiful, i love your blog!

Sammy said...

I would, but I don't have a working colour printer at the moment!

Thank you for your kind comments! :-)

Darnell said...

Sammy, these thank you cards are incredible and it's wonderful that you show your son's teachers how appreciative you are of all they do!

Thank you so much for joining my blog! It's a pleasure to meet you and return the flavor! Welcome, also, to Blogland where you will find a super friendly group who share all your addictions, especially the desire to fondle paper rather than use it, and who will enable you in ways you never dreamed possible! I will introduce you on my next post so my friends can find you, too!!

All the best! Darnell

Sammy said...

Hi Darnell, thank you so much, both for your lovely comments and your kindness. I've already been quite amazed by the crafting community here (I tried another blog service first, but couldn't find any crafters there for love nor money!), and the incredible positive atmosphere!

I look forward to reading your posts, and thank you for doing the same! :-)