Wednesday, 24 July 2013

What's your crafting space like?

I was inspired by reading someone's blog (Darnell, that would be you!) and seeing their crafting space. I fully intend to try and organise my own space better, but for the time being I have little room, so kinda have to make do with chucking everything on a big pile!

This is what my "space" looks like:

Left: paper trays with scraps and decoupage pads on top, and 6x6 and 8x8 paper pads on the bottom 2 shelves. Next, a box full of embellishments, another box with card scraps on top and any mags that I'm currently using for inspiration. Also, clear box with compartments for my charms.
Middle: Several tubs/jars/craft organiser thingies full of odds and ends. Behind that is a shortbread tin full of peel-offs and various stick-on letters, as well as half a dozen clear folders containing gems/sentiments/wooden embellishments/washi tapes/brads.
To the right: 4 compartmented craft trays full of things like buttons, die-cut butterflies and flowers. etc. stash of foam tape, double sided tape and inspiration album on top, as well as vitally important promarker colour chart! Next to that there's a pencil case full of die-cut shapes, a tub full of paper flowers, one with bloomers and yet more buttons. Super large camo pencil case contains promarkers.

Front: Box full of ribbon! Next to that: box with A4 paper pads, a couple of craft books and  12x12 paper pads. 3 clear A4 boxes with toppers (girls, boys and christmas! lol). Behind that, box and A4 folder with stamps and inks, etc. To the left: box with loose 12x12 sheets, white cardstock. Behind that 4 A4 folders with different colour cardstock (and glitter, mirri, etc.) and just in front of the radiator are a few boxes with projects in various stages of completion, lol.

Yeah... A bit of a mess! Believe me when I say that this is the *only* space I have, and really, the space on the floor should be clear, as I need to get in and out of that cupboard quite regularly (which is quite the undertaking at the moment!)
The wall above my desk, which technically could be shelved, needs to stay clear, as that's where the projector plays onto (which I need in a professional capacity, so can't really do without).

I'm hoping to get some tall "paper tray" type units (or at least A4 type drawers) with wheels that I can store in that corner (will be a lot easier to move out of the way!), but have yet to find some that are affordable!

If anyone has any life-saving ideas that'll give me more room for more stash  so hubby doesn't lose the plot completely, please holler!! :-)

Also, I'd love to see other people's craft spaces/rooms. One of my favourite things to do is roam around Pinterest getting green with envy looking at such things! lol.



Darnell said...

Oh, there's my name! Thank you for the compliment on my space, Sammy! I do wish I lived nearby as organizing other people's stuff is totally fun for me. Sort of like Timmy is fun for you. (I love your card in the newer post!! I came here from there. Could for you for using your pretties. Remember: Life is TOO short!) Perhaps we could go to therapy together!

So, truly there is a couple of things I see, if you don't mind my opinion ... good. On the left side where you do have shelves, apparently shelving is good there and out of the way of the projector? Well, those look like they are really pretty flimsy shelves. You could have attached heavy-duty shelving all the way to the ceiling, or part-way and a cupboard above that. You can buy single cupboards like the one I put (as an after-thought) on the wall by the Playhouse door. We got it at Home Depot for a reasonable price. It's too high to reach the top without a stool, but so what's so hard about a stool? It was precious empty space that now is storage.

Then, all along the desk, I guess you would call that your desk back? You have stuff stacked there. Get one of those "closet shelving" units, two or three in fact side-by-side would fit along there, maybe. They are really inexpensive and meant to go on the closet shelf where there is just that empty space up to the ceiling, you know? You can then put stuff on your desk with a second layer of things you use most often over that, so you've doubled that space.

Under your desk you definitely have room for roller drawer units, same as you have in mind for the corner. You can get them at Target or WalMart or online. All these type of places have sales/coupons to watch for. I have two of those unit under just one-half of my desk and still room for my legs.

I hope that helps. I'm happy to go over it with you or answer any questions. You can email me; my email is on my profile page. I'm excited for you to make more efficient use of what is really a quite nice space!

Finally, there is a web site called, mmm, I forget and I want to say it right so I'll pop back on with it. I don't want to pop off this in case I lose all this. I'm in a rush right now, so I'm not going to proof it. I hope you can work around any typos or words I didn't mean to type. (I'm at that age!) All the best! Darnell

Darnell said...

Me, again. Sorry to put all that in a comment. When I came back just now I noticed that you have your email on your profile page and next time I'll use that. Just in case someone else reads this, tho, and wants to know the name of the website I was talking about, it is brilliantly called "" LOL! They did a bit on my Playhouse - that's how I know about them. Again, let me know if you can't find it.

I also noticed you are in the UK, but it's such a small world now, you prolly have WalMarts and such there, too, right? And certainly online is the same everywhere. Okay, I'm off. I hope my waffling gets some wheels turning for you!!

Sammy said...

That's ok, I'm sure there are other people out there who may also be able to use your sage advice! :-D

Yes, the shelves are pretty flimsy. They were put up about 5 years ago as a display unit for some Harry Potter wands. But I'm sure I can find somewhere else to move those to to put up better shelves for crafty goodness! :-) I'd not be able to reach them, even with a stool, until I get the roller drawers for the corner though, as it's a really deep desk, lol.

We have ASDA here, which is owned by Walmart, though they don't do much in the way of furniture and such, but I'm certain I can get said units somewhere! In fact, I've seen them, just can't remember where... Hmmm, I'm now thinking one below the desk would be great for stamps and inks and whatnots, and the other for embellishments, while the ones in the corner could hold paper!

Thank you for the advice! I shall mull it over and see what I can get my hands on! :-)

And thank you for the link, I'll have some fun browsing that, I'm sure!