Monday, 3 September 2018

September challenge - Rhedd's creative spirit

Hello again everyone,

My third post of today, and this time I'm here to let you know that there's a new challenge starting for September over at Rhedd's Creative Spirit.

This month, I have a mixed media journal cover to show you. And it's not just any journal cover. It's one I made under the expert tutelage of the fabulous Abs - better known as Autour de Mwa - at a recent workshop with Art Workshops.

This was so much fun to do! We started with the board journal blanks, and kept on layering and adding elements. I had a lot of fun working with colours I'd not often pick (I'm always a little scared of yellow!), and using elements and images I often see people incorporate but never do myself. It can be really freeing working outside your comfort zone, I think!

So to play along with us at Rhedd's this month, why not try something outside of your comfort zone? It can be so much fun, and you never know, you might discover something you absolutely love!

Have a fantabulous weekend!



Sandra Wright. said...

Love the bold and bright colours of your journal cover Sammy..I can relate re using colours outside of ones comfort zone..certain colours I am totally useless with...xx said...

The sunshine colours are so happy Sammy. Aren't classes great because they take you on a journey often out of your comfort zone. These journals are fun's surprising what fits in them.

Hema said...

Lovely sunshine colors Sammy.......and this is so cool!!


Judy McKay said...

Very colourful and stunning art journal cover. Have a creative week. Judy