Sunday, 5 February 2017

sneaking in another NBUS

Hi all,

So instead of doing what I was actually supposed to be doing, I was inspired by Darnell's NBUS challenge to have a little play.

As an optional challenge, she mentioned looking to see what national day it was, and using it as inspiration. Oh happy days! It turned out to be national Libraries day here in the UK, and also the final day of National storytelling week.
The idea of storytelling of course made me think of fairy tales, which had me rushing to dig out an awesome Sweet Dixie fairy tale castle die that I bought last year but hadn't gotten around to using yet.

It so happens that my twin nieces have a birthday coming up in a little while, and I figured this was a perfect opportunity to get ahead and make their birthday cards.

So I cut the castles in their respective favourite colours, and teamed them with some Dovecraft Princess Fairytale papers (one of my first ever paper packs!)

I added a few Stickles and changed the colour of the door and flags to add a little interest.

Now I don't know about you, but sometimes when someone sees one of my cards, they'll pipe up "Oh, I used to make cards! I'll bring some bits in for you". Very sweet of them, of course. But invariably, they end up handing me a stack of peel-offs, and try as I might, I've never been able to get on with them. But just this once, I thought I'd make an exception, as I wanted silver and gold sentiments to match the Stickles, and my embossing powders were at the bottom of a stack of boxes and I couldn't be bothered digging for them, lol.

The remainder of the peel-offs I currently have (and I've gotten rid of hundreds already in the past) are going into a craft hamper I'm putting together  to sell at work. It's crammed with these kind of bits and pieces that may be useful for a beginner crafter. Fingers crossed I hope to get £10 to £15 for it, which will equate to 100-150 hungry tummies filled. wish me luck!

Have a most excellent day!



Trina P. said...

Great cards. Your nieces are going to love them.
And thanks for dropping by my blog to leave me such a sweet comment. And what a great thing you are doing to get a hamper together to donate.

Janis said...

How fun to have twin nieces and make these fabulous fairy tale castle cards for them!!! What a wonderful die for this kind of card. Love how you switched out the flags and doors.

Thank you so much for stopping over at my blog and leaving your sweet comment on my butterfly field notes card. Have a wonderful day!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Sarah said...

These are really lovely Sammy and definitely conjure up fairytales. Your nieces are going to be so impressed. Love the idea of the crafty hamper, hope it does well for you when it's complete xx

Unknown said...

Aww this are so pretty!! Super sweet cards!
Lucy x

Deepti Aggarwal said...

Beautiful cards Sammy!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving some Love.. Hugs xx Deepti Aggarwal

Marianne's Craftroom said...

How fab are these and good to use something you haven't used before

Chris said...

Hi Sammy,
Just popping by to say a huge thankyou for my beautiful card which arrived today, it was such a lovely surprise! The great thing about belated cards is they make your birthday last much longer!!! :)

Love these fairy castle cards, what a gorgeous die! I'm still a big fan of fairy stories, always will be! The only thing I miss about working is reading and crafting with the children...storytime was so much fun!

Good luck with the craft hamper...if you ever want to make another let me know, I'm sure I have stuff I could send.

Darnell said...

This are so great, Sammy! And the sticker sediments work with them! (Good luck with the sale!) Thanks again for playing in #10 and joining in the optional theme! How cool that you looked up what National "Day" was happening, and made your card to reflect that!! Hugs, Darnell