Saturday 24 December 2016

Santa Claus - Sweet Stampin'

Hi all,

Sorry I've not been around. I've been stupendously busy, and blogging has taken a bit of a back seat (admittedly not helped by the fact that I really don't get on with the new Blogger workings. I really, really miss the dashboard page!).

But on a happy note, the new challenge over at Sweet Stampin' is, very aptly, Santa Claus, I know I for one can't wait for the big man to come visit tonight. I know he's bringing my younglings some really great pressies, and even though they're teens now, their faces still light up every time, lol.

So I dug out an old LOTV stamp, and made this:

Right, I'm going to love and leave you all, as it's the busiest day of the year and I need to get cracking, but I'm hoping you'll come join us this week and play along.

Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah and all that.



Saturday 10 December 2016

Animals - Sweet Stampin'

Morning bloggers!

Oh look, Saturday again! Before I share my card with the Animals theme for the new challenge over at Sweet Stampin', I would like to apologise for my continued absence from Blogland. It's going to stay hectic for a few more weeks, but I'm really hoping that this will change in the new year and I'll have more time to come visit you all.

Now, on to my card. you may want to shield your eyes or turn the brightness down on your monitor, because this one's BRIGHT! lol.

I used an image from our sponsor All Dressed Up, and paired him with papers I picked up at The Works.

Don't worry, I'll be back to my usual muted self soon enough, lol.

I hope you'll come and play with us this week, and don't forget to see what my fellow Sweeties have made!

Have an awesomesauce day!


Thursday 1 December 2016

December challenge - Rhedd's Creative spirit

Good morning all,

And I'm back again! It was touch and go there for a moment, because since Blogger decided to change things, I kept getting an "oops, something's broken" message every time I tried to edit a post, but just as I was about to give up and head to bed in defeat, it worked! (It only took 5 tickets to the help desk... *sigh*)

So here I am with my December piece for Rhedd's Creative Spirit. I did another canvas, and this one also made with mostly items from Craft Box, but this time I went for a more colourful approach!

Aren't those glitter-filled baubles the most adorable things imaginable? It just goes to show... Once upon a time I would have hoarded them and been too afraid to use them on something. And now what happened? As soon as I saw them, I thought "Must make something with these NOW", lol.

And now it's your turn. If you need some more inspiration, there's some utterly gorgeous pieces waiting for you over on the Rhedd's Challenge blog.

Have a fantastical day everyone!


December challenge - Altered Eclectics

Good morning!

Eek! It's December! I'm not ready for that yet!!

I am however ready for the December challenge over at Altered Eclectics, for which I made this very white canvas:

I subscribed to Craft Box a few months ago, and apart from the sentiment, everything on this canvas (and the canvas itself) was in a recent box. I LOVE this subscription. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I hope you'll come join us this month, and don't forget to check out what my super talented fellow teamies have made!

Have a fantabulous day!


Saturday 19 November 2016

Happy Birthday Sweet Stampin'!!

Good morning all,

It's Saturday, and a very special one at that, because Sweet Stampin' is officially 7 years old!
Now it may not be team Susan's week, but I for one wanted to join in with team Abi anyway to mark the occasion. Unsurprisingly, the theme is birthdays, which means it's a super easy one and you have no excuse not to come celebrate with us!

I was asked to make a 80th birthday card, which was perfect timing for this week's theme.

There were some pretty specific requests for this card, but I managed to get just about all of it in there (except for something to do with "cruises. That part had me stumped, lol). both the lady that commissioned it and the recipient were very pleased, which is always a huge relief!

Well, that's it from me. Please do go see what my fellow Sweeties have been up to. There's some fantastic inspiration waiting for you!

Have an awesomesauce day, and spare a thought for poor little old me, who will likely be slogging through the snow to work as you read this. Is it nearly summer yet? ;-)


Saturday 12 November 2016

Photo inspiration - Sweet Stampin'

Good evening everyone,

Oops!!! This post was supposed to go live this morning, but I had told it to "save" instead of "schedule", so it was sitting in my drafts! apologies!

Today is Saturday once again, and a new challenge of course is up on the Sweet Stampin' blog.
this week we have a photo inspiration challenge for you, and this is the fab picture we used:

Of course the photo is meant for inspiration, so you can take away from it whatever inspires you. I personally liked the idea of the rain, and grabbed a fab Inkylicious stamp and some Distress inks and made this:

I love the simplicity of the design, and makes for a handy birthday card to have in the stash. its colour scheme means it's suitable for menfolk too, which is always a bonus!

Over to you! hope you'll come see what my fellow Sweeties have been up to, and then come play with us!

Have a GREAT weekend!


Tuesday 1 November 2016

November Challenge - Rhedd's Creative Spirit

And hello again, back with my second post this morning.

Another *shudder* November challenge has just gone live. This one over at Rhedd's Creative Spirit. As always, it's Anything altered art or mixed media goes. Just remember, no cards or 100% digital items for this one please!

I did a bit of mixed media altering for this one, as a small photo frame had just passed through at work that screamed out to me to be altered.

This is how it started life:

I took a lovely MDF key from Fernli designs, and painted it silver and weathered it. I thought it would make a great focal point against my chosen colours of blue, green and greys.

I chose white for embellishments and accents, as it provided a stark contrast, and gave a nice balance of clean white against the grungy colours I'd used. As you can probably tell, I re-coloured the yellow parts of the flowers with stormy sky distress paint to tie in with the background.

The frame has a lot of texture, both inside and out, for which I used texture and crackle pastes, as well as some joint tape (drywall tape in the states, I believe?) my husband was kind enough to pick up on a DIY shopping trip for me. He brought back two rolls, which is probably enough to keep me going for years and years, lol.

My finished frame, which I must admit I am rather pleased with, is going to get abandoned as part of the Flood the streets with art event on Black Friday (25th of November). It's a really great event where people from all over the world commit a random act of kindness and abandon a piece of art for an unsuspecting stranger to find. Last year over 6000 of us took part, and I'm really excited to be doing it again this year!

So, if you fancy making a piece of art of your own, come and play along with us at Rhedd's (whether or not you choose to abandon it after!), and if you'd like some inspiration, do pop over to the blog to look at the gorgeous pieces my fellow teamies have made.

Have a most fantabulous day everyone!


November Challenge - Altered Eclectics

Good morning folks,

I literally shuddered when I realised it was time for the November challenge over at Altered Eclectics already. November!! Where did the rest of the year go?
I guess I'd better step up the Christmas cards and presents if I want to have any chance of getting ready in time (especially considering I have both kids' birthdays still before then too!).

Speaking of presents, my daughter told me she was in need of a moneybox recently. Luckily I had visited the MDF man this summer, so had some blanks to play with. I grabbed one, and set to work with a beautiful napkin I picked up at Live & love crafts, and decoupaged it (after giving it a coat of tattered Rose paint, of course. It had to be pink!)

She really loved the cluster of flowers and other goodies I added on top. I also included my favourite bark hearts - when I heard L&LC was closing down, I immediately rushed off to buy half a dozen packs of them, as I tend to use them a lot and couldn't bear to run out! - I also had to add a little cherub charm to go with the cherubs on the napkin.
When my daughter was little, I always called her "angel", rather than calling her by her name. Apparently a lot of people thought it was her name for a while, lol.

And that's my daughter's brand new moneybox. Do pop over to the altered eclectics blog, and come and play with us this month!

I'll be back in a moment with another post!


Saturday 29 October 2016

Inspired by a book/film/song - Sweet Stampin'

Good morning bloggaroos,

If all goes according to plan, this post will reach you while I am up in the cold northern reaches of Scotland. fingers crossed...

It's Saturday once again, which means a fresh challenge over at Sweet Stampin'. This week's theme is one of my favourites... Inspired by a book, film or song.

Now I'd just finished watching a pretty excellent version of Rear Window, and so was in a rather Hitchcock themed mood, and figured I'd play around with another of his films as my inspiration. Can you guess which one from the card below?

The film is of course The Birds, and I brought it to life with a selection of three different Inkylicious stamps and some distress inks for colouring. I picked earthier and darker tones, to stay in keeping with the feel of the film.

This kind of one-layer scene-building card is a little different for me, but I enjoyed it a lot!

Now I know you'll want to go rush off and join in with us this week, but before you do, go see what my fellow Sweeties have made. Can you guess at their inspiration from the finished cards?

Have a grrrrrrreat weekend!


Tuesday 25 October 2016

Being productive

Good morning my dears,

Let me just polish my halo here... Determined not to be caught out in December with only two Christmas cards made this year, I've been a little busy...

(It looks like the flash was a little too bright and washed out the colours a little. Apologies, I did not notice until I posted!)

Which brings my current total up to 10! Still nowhere close to enough yet, but getting there at least, lol.

Have a busy day ahead, so going to dash.

Have a fantastic one people!


Tuesday 18 October 2016

DecoArt funtime over at Crafters' Palette!

Morning all,

We're showcasing decoArte products over at Creafters' Palette at the moment, and I made a card using their scrumptious crackle paste (I am soooo in love with that stuff!)

There's more pictures and info up on the blog if you want to take a peek!

Hope you're all having a fantabulous Tuesday!


Saturday 15 October 2016

Mid-month tutorial - Rhedd's Creative spirit

Hi all,

Back again to let you all know that my tutorial for this canvas is live on the Rhedd's Creative Spirit blog now.

And now off to work I go...

Have a great day all,


Spots and/or stripes - Sweet Stampin'

Good morning bloggaroos, it's Saturday again, which of course means a new challenge over at Sweet Stampin'. The theme is spots and/or stripes.

I wish I could enter myself this week, as we're being sponsored by Lili of the Valley!

I dug out a LOTV Christmas stamp, and decided to use both spots and stripes...

He's such a cutie, isn't he?

I hope you'll come and play with us, and don't forget to go see what my fellow sweeties have done if you'd like some more inspiration!

Have a most fantabulous day!


Monday 10 October 2016

Postal service update...

Hi all,

No card from me right now, but I just wanted to swing by with an update on the postal situation in my parents' village. Some of you may remember that a few months ago, I posted a plea for signatures on a petition, as the Royal mail closed the Ballater sorting office and posties were forced to sort the mail out in the open in a public car park.

Many thanks to all of you that signed the petition. Several petitions (there's a lot of elderly folk in Ballater who aren't online, so there was even a paper one, lol) were taken to the local councillors, and they took action and had stern words with the royal mail. The posties now once again have a roof over their heads while sorting the mail! They have access to facilities, the location in far more secure than the car park, and the letters/cards and parcels are no longer getting soaked.

Thank you all. I (and the residents of Ballater) really appreciate your help!

Have a fantabulous day!


Wednesday 5 October 2016


Hi all,

There's a few pink themed challenges around at the moment, so I was inspired to make a little something so I could play along...

Instead of a stamp, I used an image from one of the old LOTV art pads. It kinda feels like cheating, but it certainly makes it a quick and easy make compared to colouring!
I also used LOTV papers.

I'd like to play along with:

Live and Love Crafts - Traditional pink
In the Pink - Flower Power
The Ribbon girl - October card challenge

Have an excellent evening all.


Monday 3 October 2016

Heart-shaped mini book - Crafters' Palette

Hi all,

Just popping by to share my latest make for Crafters' Palette.

I spent a little time playing with the absolutely gorgeous Prima Rosibelle collection, and made a heart-shaped mini book.

More pictures and info over on the blog!

And now I must be off up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire, before I drop into a coma at my keyboard, lol.

Sweet dreams Bloggers.


Saturday 1 October 2016

October Challenge - Rhedd's Creative Spirit

And here I am with my third and final post for this morning!

If my spooky Hallowe'en themed project was not your cup of tea, maybe a pretty pink canvas will suit you better?

I just so happen to have one of those for the October challenge at Rhedd's Creative Spirit!

 I'm not adding any details right now, as I'll be back with a step-by-step for this on the 15th!

As a side-note, I just entered this in a competition at our local Hobbycraft. Wish me luck! And if you happen to be in the area (Crown point, Leeds), please do pop in and give me a vote... or vote for my daughter, who entered an amazing drawing!

In the meantime, please do come and play with us at Rhedd's, and if you need any more inspiration, there's lots of it on the Rhedd's blog from my super talented teamies!

And that's it from me. Have a fantabulous day today, and spare a thought for those of us toiling away!


October challenge - Altered Eclectics

Hi all, back again with post 2 of 3!

It's October, yay! That can mean only one thing... Spooky Hallowe'en themed goodies of course!
like my DT piece for Altered Eclectics this month!

I used a Tim Holtz paper pad to decorate my little shadow box (which started life as a little wooden box with wooden beads in that someone gave me at work), after I'd painted the walls and dividers with Black Soot Distress inks. I cut some elements to use from the pad, and also added some pumpkin buttons, game tokens and orange and black seed beads, as well as lots of charms.

I attached some small torches to the sides of the shadow box, and if you look closely at the little charm in the top left cubby, you may recognise it as a Twilight one. My daughter used to be a big fan, but has since grown out of it, so donated the "new moon" bracelet she had to the project.
In the top right cubby I've added some of my old Warhammer miniatures, which fit the theme perfectly too.

Some die cut letters finish it off, et voila! One finished Hallowe'en shadow box for me to take to work when the time comes to make it all look super spooky (and then hopefully sell to make money for the charity, lol)

There's some amazing projects waiting to be admired over on the Altered Eclectics blog, and if you fancy altering something (doesn't have to be Hallowe'en themed), why not come and play with us?

Ok, back in one minute with my final post of the morning!


Babies - Sweet Stampin'

Morning all,

It's going to be a hectic morning here (or at least, it will seem to be, but in fact all my posts are scheduled, as I'll be at work, lol). As I have posts to share for almost all my DTs!

First up is Sweet Stampin', where we have a new challenge starting with a babies theme!

I took a previously un-inked TH blueprint stamp, and teamed it with some baby papers I've had in my stash since a week or so after I started crafting!

The sentiment is a sticker from the same pack as the papers.

My fellow Sweeties have some real beauties lined up for you, so make sure you go take a peek. afterwards, why not grab a baby themed stamp (digital is also fine) and come play along with us?

I'll be back in an hour with more to share!

Have a fantabulous morning!


Friday 30 September 2016

Photo inspiration

Hi all,

So I saw the stunning photo inspiration over at the Live & Love Crafts blog soon after they posted it at the beginning of the month... And here's me flying in just under the wire with my entry.
In my defence, it's been one of those months! lol.

Anyways, I was immediately drawn to the stockings, and the blue and red colours, so I made this:

I just adore these Maja design papers! (I blame Kat for these. I saw her use them last year, and simply had to go shopping immediately. I'll be sending you my credit card bill Kat, lol)

And this is the inspiration picture:

And now I'm off to join in at Live & Love Crafts before the challenge closes!

Have a most excellent evening!


Thursday 29 September 2016


Hi all,

Thank you all for the well-wishes. I am feeling a lot better, and have just about caught up with everything now. Luckily, I will have the day off tomorrow, as I have decided to cut my hours slightly while I recover, so I'll have a little extra time to come a-visiting. I've missed seeing your gorgeous makes these past few weeks, so that will be a lovely treat :-)

I finally finished all of my crafty "must-do's", so decided to reward myself with a little play-time after work today, and figured I'd make something for the current Ribbon Girl challenge.

I chose a still un-inked LOTV stamp, and made a card

I used some LOTV papers too, and kept it sentiment-free, as this way it can sit in my stash, and a sentiment can be added to suit the occasion when it arises. I actually do this quite often, and it has saved me from those awkward "eek, I need a card today" moments more than once!

So, off to go play at The Ribbon Girl, and I'll be stalking Blogland tomorrow!

Goodnight, sweet dreams.


Sunday 25 September 2016

Candy winner!

Hi all,

Well, I'm getting back on my feet, and starting to get caught up with the backlog of stuff I needed to get done but got behind on.
One of those things is the announcement of my candy winner!

I asked Mr. Random for help, and he chose...

Number 20. which is Samantha wade!

Drop me an Email, and I'll get it sent off to you this week.

Next candy is already being put together, so not long before you'll all get another chance at some goodies!

Have a fantabulous day!


Saturday 17 September 2016

Anything but a card - Sweet Stampin'

Hi all,

Sorry I've not been around this week. I started with internet troubles, then ended up in hospital for a couple of days (the two are not related, honest! lol).

I'm back on my feet, but still adjusting to a new situation, and excessively tired all the time, so haven't gotten 'round to going online much... I'm really hoping to be back to normal very soon, and then I'll post my candy winner!

In the meantime, it's anything but a card time at Sweet Stampin' this week, and you all know how much I love that one.

I grabbed some coasters and my favourite Inkylicious stamp - and a couple of her sisters I acquired recently - and made this:

I think the papers I used as a background are Melissa Frances. I also used a Kaisercraft texture stamp and some dutch Doobadoo butterflies. Cork, Hessian, corrugated cardboard, buttons and twine and some of Tim's chit chat stickers finish it off.

That's it from me today, but make sure you go see the awesome projects my fellow Sweeties have prepared for your inspiration!

Have a fantabulous weekend!


Tuesday 6 September 2016

More shabby

Ohhh, look at me... Two posts in one day! And neither of them DT-related... Obviously, I'm procrastinating on something I should be doing... hehe.

So I was browsing Blogland and noticed that The Ribbon Girl's challenge was back up and running, so I decided to play along. As it was an anything goes, I decided to go shabby again.
Now, every single shabby chic card I'd made until now has always been square, but I happened to have a rectangular blank sitting on my desk I'd cut earlier, so decided to use that.

There is a lady in blogland whose work I really admire (ok, there are many, but I'm just going to mention one of them today, lol), and she most definitely inspired this card.
I'm talking of course about the fantabulous Pamellia!

I'm sure you'll know her, or have seen her around Blogland. She is brilliant at many styles, but she most often makes stunning shabby chic creations. She's one of the people I'd like to be when I grow up, and if you haven't yet, I strongly urge you go take a peek at her blog.

Anyways, here's my Pamellia-inspired card for the evening. It doesn't do her justice, but I enjoyed making it nonetheless.

I'm off to go play at The Ribbon Girl now.
And as per instruction I shall also take this to play over at In the Pink! ;-)

Have a great evening!


Summer Candy

Hi all,

No tags from me today, as today is focusing entirely on using Yupo paper, and I don't have any! Luckily Mr. Amazon is coming to the rescue and will deliver tomorrow, so expect to see today's tags on Sunday!

In the meantime, I thought I'd finally put up the candy that I'd been meaning to for a while now. In said candy, you will find:

  • One £10 voucher to Crafters' Palette  
  • One set of Tim Holtz mini blueprint Christmas stamps (I have a set of these too, and they're brilliant for quick and easy Christmas cards!)
  • One Custom blend distress ink pad
  • One bottle of Starry Night Stickles
  • One Unity stamp (unused, but not in its packaging. I recently won a bag full from Unity, and this was a duplicate)
  • And whatever bits and bobs I find between now and when the linky runs out! lol.

Entering is simple, and open to all followers, old and new, anywhere in the world. But no candy only blogs please!
Just drop your name in the linky. I'd love it if you could share the picture in your sidebar, but no worries if you can't.
And finally, if you feel like sharing, leave a comment below telling me what your latest crafty obsession is. As you've probably been able to tell recently, I'm a little Tag-happy myself... What can't you get enough of right now?

Candy will run for a month, and I'll draw the winner asap after.

Good luck!


Men wear hats too!

Hi all,

Almost forgot to blog the second "hat" tag I'd made for the Go Tag Thursday hat challenge!

I went with a similar idea (hats, naturally, and the TH motif paper), but went a little more masculine this time, with a fab Artistic Outpost stamp, and the word "fly" from the same set.

Really loving this motif paper. Have had it in my stash for ages, but only just got around to trying it out!

That's all from me for now. I have bedding that apparently won't change itself. *sigh*

Have an awesomesauce day!


Saturday 3 September 2016

Wedding/Anniversary/Love- Sweet Stampin'

Morning all!

And here we are, rolling around to Saturday once again. This of course means a new challenge over at Sweet Stampin', and the theme this week is wedding/anniversary/love.

Now, this would have been the perfect excuse to make hubby an anniversary card for later this month, but I am organised for once and made it ages ago already, lol.

So I took the opportunity instead to have a play with a new paper pad I picked up recently, and also an as yet un-inked LOTV stamp to make this shabby chic wedding card:

The sentiment is also LOTV, and the flowers are of course from WoC. The rose ribbon is from the Ribbon Girl, and I think it may need to be a compulsory addition to all wedding cards from now on, lol.

I really enjoyed letting my girly side out to play for this...

And now it's your turn. come play with us!

Have a fantabulous day! And if you happen to find yourself in the Holt Park area of Leeds this morning, I'm having a massive book sale at the shop this morning... Had so many donations in recently, I need to shift some because we're out of room! lol.


Friday 2 September 2016

and another...

Evening all,

Ok, I couldn't resist... I had to play along with Darnell's NBUS challenge for the third and final time.
But I thought I should challenge myself a little more, and decided I needed to use at least three different NBUS. NBUSES? NBUSS?

And while I was at it, I wanted to also incorporate the new challenge over at Go Tag Thursday, which has a hat theme this week. at first I thought I would struggle, but it turn out I have a HUGE amount of "hat" stamps in my stash!

This one uses my NBUS Unity stamp, NBUS Tim Holtz motif paper and my brand spanking new NBUS Inktense pencils.

You know, I think there's another thing us crafters suffer from, besides hoarding NBUS. And that is hoarding the last of something! So for this tag I decided to take that plunge too, and add the very last of a sheet of self-adhesive star gems, which I bought a week or so after I started crafting.
I'm feeling really virtuous now! lol.

This was my first time using Inktense pencils, and though I'm not hugely unhappy, I do feel more practice is required. I will get the hang of this whole watercolour thing one of these decades!

Right, that's me for now. Have a lovely evening all!


Thursday 1 September 2016

September challenge - Rhedd's Creative Spirit

And hello again ladies and gents,

The first of the month means two new altered art challenges, and I'm back again to show you my DT project for Rhedd's Creative Spirit.

I recently got my hands on a pack of Sharpies, and naturally needed something to store them in when I got them home. A quick bit of research told me that they're best stored with the tip facing downwards, so I needed a pen-pot type container, rather than a box or bag.

As it turned out, a beer bottle container was the exact perfect diameter to store all of my pens comfortably, while still leaving space to actually get the pens out!

So I went from this:

To this:

I couldn't resist using some crazing Distress Collage medium on my butterfly. It adds a lovely bit of detail, without being overpowering.

I found some gold beading wire (again a left-over from an old hobby!), which I thought added  nice accent that complements the greens, blues and hints of gold used to colour the tub.

And that's my Sharpie tub! Useful, and looks so pretty sitting on my desk.

I hope you'll come and play along with us at Rhedd's Creative Spirit this month.

Have a fantabulous day,


September challenge - Altered eclectics

Morning all,

I can't believe it's September already!

But here it is, and I have my design team project for Altered Eclectics to show you.

I went with something completely different... a fairy door!

And I love it when hobbies collide! Before I started cardmaking, and from there doing other projects, I used to paint miniatures (Games Workshop mostly). As part of making the miniatures look nice, I used to use green flock on the bases to simulate grass. As you can see, I have used some of that flock (which is over 15 years old!!) here to ground my fairy door on a patch of grass.

This was rather fun to do. must keep my eyes open for a fairy to put inside now.

I hope you'll come and play along with us at Altered Eclectics!

Back in two with another post!


Wednesday 31 August 2016

Another late one...

Hi all,

Yep, another late - after my bedtime - post from me.

I decided that I'd like to play along with Darnell's NBUS challenge again, so grabbed a couple of unused Inkylicious stamps to play with. One of them I picked up at a craft fair a couple of weeks ago, but the tiny fairy stamp I've had for about 2 years, and it had been completely un-inked until now!

If the design looks familiar, that's because I based this one off the August Tim tag again. I really, really love the hexagon design, so fancied another go with it. The colours are a bit funkier than my last, more vintage grungy one. I went with vibrant greens and purples to match the thistle silhouette stamp, which is of course the national flower of Scotland. I thought the stamp would be a good purchase for making things for my mum to sell in her B&B with!

Anyways, that's my tag, off to go enter!

Have a great night,


Shabby birthday

Hi all,

I'm becoming quite the late night blogger at the moment!

I had a little time to craft this evening, and I decided I fancied making something shabby chic. My first stop for inspiration was the Live & Love Crafts blog, and I was not disappointed.

Their theme for august is birthday/anniversary, and I figured you can never have too many birthday cards in your stash, right?

So I printed off an All Dressed Up image, and made this:

Her wings are coated with mica, which isn't showing in the picture, but she is soooo sparkly!
I also had to add another of my beloved shabby bark hearts. I've been through rather a lot of them already, and ended up buying 5 packets last time, so they'd last a little longer, lol.

Right, it's looooooong past my bedtime, so I'll swing by tomorrow.

Sweet dreams!


Sunday 28 August 2016

12 tags of 2016 - August

Hi all,

Just dashing in with my August tag, before it's no longer August!

Short and sweet, as I've a lot to get done. will visit soon!

Have a great day,