Monday, 10 October 2016

Postal service update...

Hi all,

No card from me right now, but I just wanted to swing by with an update on the postal situation in my parents' village. Some of you may remember that a few months ago, I posted a plea for signatures on a petition, as the Royal mail closed the Ballater sorting office and posties were forced to sort the mail out in the open in a public car park.

Many thanks to all of you that signed the petition. Several petitions (there's a lot of elderly folk in Ballater who aren't online, so there was even a paper one, lol) were taken to the local councillors, and they took action and had stern words with the royal mail. The posties now once again have a roof over their heads while sorting the mail! They have access to facilities, the location in far more secure than the car park, and the letters/cards and parcels are no longer getting soaked.

Thank you all. I (and the residents of Ballater) really appreciate your help!

Have a fantabulous day!



Chris said...

Yay Sammy! That's excellent news!!!

Di said...

Brilliant Sammy! I signed and also did my bit to spread the word on FB - and certainly a few friends joined in as well. Happy dance here :)


Di xx

Tracey T said...

That's people power - delighted to hear that things have improved xx

cotnob said...

That's great news Sammy, one up for people power.

Sarah said...

That is fantastic to hear Sammy xx

Jane Savage said...

Whoo hoo!! Power to the people!! :)