Friday, 20 February 2015

Shiny new storage space!

Hi all,

Sorry I've not been around recently. We've had some serious work on the living room going on, and this meant crafty goodness had to be moved aside for a little while. on the upside, I now have somewhere to put said crafty goodness besides the floor all around my desk!

I started with:

 Pretty useless, no? One, not very sturdy, shelf, and a space that always just ends up full of junk..

Then boys happened:

 They worked ever so hard, measuring, sawing, drilling, etc.

Meanwhile, all my crafty stuff was piled on (and next to) the sofa:

But soon enough they all found a new home in my shiny new space:

 How awesome is that!?

It cost me a small fortune to get enough boxes to store everything in from T K Maxx, but it's so worth it! All this stuff was simply piled up on and around my desk before, and I was getting so terribly claustrophobic!
This space still isn't ideal, and a little hard to get in and out of, but it's such a huge improvement, not to mention looks a lot tidier!

Now that I have access to desk and everything again, I really need to get caught up on my DT commitments (thank goodness I was ahead!), but I shall be visiting you all very soon!

Hope you're all well!



Sue said...

This looks great Sammy!! all neat and tidy..I bet your so chuffed lol huggles Sue xxx

Sarah said...

Looks great Sammy but the question is can you find everything!!? xx

Judith said...

This looks fab Sammy - I've got boxes in cupboards - but at the minute everything is piled on the spare bed! - being a tidy crafter is sooo hard! hugs Judith x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

That looks so much better, good storage is essential and means more time for crafting x

Christine L said...

Wow - fabulous!! Now all you have to do is KEEP it tidy!! hehe

Christine x

Paddington fan said...

Looks great Sammy x