Friday, 6 September 2013

Let me tell you a story...

Once upon a time, in a land not so far from here, lived a lovable young bear called James. He lived (together with Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear) in a cave in the woods on the edge of a beautiful valley.
Now, you have to understand that The Valley was in a magical land where the sun shone brightly every day and it was summer all year round. Trees blossomed and flowers bloomed and animals and people lived together in perfect harmony.

But James was bored.

Being an inquisitive sort of bear, James was always questioning everything around him, and he made friends with every weary traveller that passed through the Valley and stopped to rest. Through these travellers, James heard rumours and magical tales of a curious substance. This substance was said to be very cold to the touch, yet light and fluffy until pressed together into a more compact state, which could be used to build the most wondrous things.

“Well!” Said James to himself. “I must experience this for myself!” So off he went to ask Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear for permission to travel out of the Valley to locate this mysterious snow.

But Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear were not at all happy with the idea of James travelling through the dangerous world beyond the valley and forbade him to leave.
As James would not disobey his parents (he was an exceptionally good young bear you know!), he would have to somehow find a way to bring snow to the valley instead.

“I know!” exclaimed James. “I will ask the fairy Queen for help.” So off our enterprising young bear went on his grand adventure (which took him almost the entire afternoon, and is a tale for another time) and eventually he found himself before the fairy Queen. He explained his wish to see snow to her and the fairy queen was delighted with the request. She smiled and clapped her hands and small soft white flakes began to fall from the sky.

Wide-eyed with wonder, James hurried home as quickly as he could to share this wonderful discovery with Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear. By the time he got home, he was up to his knees in the cold, white snow.

“Mummy! Daddy! Come see!” He exclaimed. His parents rushed to see what the commotion was about, and found their son lying in the snow, excitedly moving his arms and legs back and forth. When he stood up and went over to his parents, Daddy Bear pointed and said “Look, you made an angel!”

James looked at the spot he’d just been lying in. “No, not an angel,” he said with a smile. “A fairy. A fairy Queen.” He hugged his mother and they went inside for a drink of hot chocolate, while outside the snow continued to fall, covering the entire Valley in a pure white blanket.

The end.

Hehe... Sorry about that... I was having some trouble getting my mojo kickstarted, so I decided to write a little something about James instead. It worked! lol.


Medium - Promarkers
Papers - Crafts beautiful freebie
White & kraft card, pearls and glittery snowflake stickers.
Sentiment - Happy Holidays vintage Christmas stamps (magazine freebie)

I'd like to enter this card into the following challenge:

Christmas Card Challenges - Something new (Stamp)

Have an excellent day everyone!


P.S.  So very chuffed! I came in the Top 3 at Card Crafter's Circle! :-D 


Sue said...

This is gorgeous hun! and I loved the story too ..might see you at Harrogate for a cuppa and chat LOL huggles Sue xxxxxxxxxxx

Sarah said...

Great card and story Sammy! Congrats on making top 3 too xx

Kathleen said...

Great card, lovely image and layout, fab colouring, I was going to go to the open day tomorrow but have changed my mind.

Kath x

Wishcraft said...

Lol... Love your story and your card is fab too :o) Hugs, Lisa x

Donna Mosley said...

Beautiful card Sammy, love the gorgeous design.

Donna x

McCrafty's Cards said...

Gorgeous card Sammy, I like the sweet image and the snowflakes.
Kevin xx

Lou said...

Hi! Sammy,oh your card is really lovely and great story of James too.Loved having a chat today,always nice to meet such "lovely" crafty friends and hope you have great fun with your new stamps. See you again,take care.hugs Lou.xx

Inkyfingers said...

What a sweet story and I love your festive card. That cute bear looks like he's making snow angels!

Karen (karey2005) said...

Awwww, he is SO adorable! Thank you for joining Christmas Card Challenges! Karen N, CCC-DT