Saturday 28 April 2018

Circles - Sweet Stampin'

Morning all,

New challenge time at Sweet Stampin' this morning, and this week we're looking for circles.

Now most of you probably don't know this, but I have a degree in film studies, and I don't think the film student in me will ever fully go away.

So, when I was at the craft retreat I mentioned in my previous ATC post and I saw a fabulous stamp set from AALL and Create that featured a moon very reminiscent of  the one featured in several early turn-of-the-century films by Georges Melies, I simply had to have it!

And because 9-10 hours of crafting each day obviously wasn't enough, I spent the evening (after a lovely swim in the hotel pool of course) in my hotel room making this:

For those interested, this link will take you to "Voyage to the moon". One of Melies best works (in my opinion anyway), and what is widely regarded as the first ever science fiction film!
While other directors were busying themselves making "films" that consisted of a train chugging by, or a woman hanging clothes on a washing line, Melies showed incredible forward thinking and creativity. without him, filmmaking would likely not have progressed as well and as quickly as it did.

Ok, sorry, I'll stop there, lol.

Please do come and play with us this week, and do check out what delights my fellow sweeties have whipped up. I promise they won't bore you with lectures on early cinema!

Have a fantabulous weekend!



Chris said...

It's gorgeous Sammy, what a fabulous stamp!
PS Thank you so much for your beautiful card and message, so kind of you

Dawn said...

It's a shame such a lot of his work has disappeared. The moon is one of my favourites too xx