Tuesday 2 August 2016

Creative Chemistry 103 - Day 2

Hi all,

Back again with today's Creative Chemistry offerings.

I had so much fun with the techniques today, though the paint lift one frustrated me no end until I started using a damp cloth instead of a baby wipe. But that's what it's all about, no? Figuring out what does and doesn't work with the supplies that you have to hand.

I didn't turn them into finished tags today, but just kept them as backgrounds, as I had a super busy day and am out of time... I'll get 'round to playing with them when the week is over, I'm sure. One of them may even get re-incarnated as a birthday card for my little brother.

Technique one - Distress paint resist

This one is probably my favourite so far... The colours are a little more vibrant (and purple) in person, but I just can't seem to get a bright enough light to photograph by.

Technique 2 - Distress paint lifting

This one drove me up the wall, across the ceiling and back down the other side again. I tried many times, but it kept turning into a bubbly, sloppy mess. Turns out my baby wipes were far too wet, and once I decided to try a damp cloth, it worked so much better!

Technique three - Distress stain rub resist

Remnant rubs are soooo much fun! And after this technique, I feel a lot more confident in using them. This makes for a rather vibrant and striking tag, and I love it.

Technique four - Distress luminous mica

I used greys, blues, greens and browns here (I'm thinking of making a start on Christmas stuff,  so this seemed a good colour scheme!), and misted with brushed pewter mica spray, which of course does not show in the photo. Love the mottled texture though!

Technique five - Distress marker spritzed watercolour

Ok, this is just far too much fun to do! Unfortunately I only have 7 markers so far (and that includes black and white and two browns!), so I was a little limited as to the colour schemes I could choose, but I think it turned out rather lovely!

And that's day two. I'm doing well so far!

Hope you're all having a fantabulous day!



Kathleen said...

These are beautiful Sammy, gorgeous colours and fabulous designs.

It appears that we were both at Knutsford but I really didn't recognise you or catch your name. I was the one who arrived late.

Kath x

aussie aNNie said...

Fabulous design and those colours are super..xx{aNNie}

Carole said...

Lovely tags sure have been busy!! but I am sure you will put all your tags to good use...or keep them as a reference swatch. My favourite...the rub resist!

Chris said...

Hi Sammy,
Have been looking back over your last few posts, there are some fabulous makes here using great (and wonderfully inky/messy) techniques. I love that you are so happy to experiment with your creativity accepting that you're not always going to be pleased with the results. Your enjoyment of what you are doing shines through and that's even more important than the beautiful art you create!

Mylissa Stout said...

Sammy..your execution of the techniques is wonderful....I happen to like All of them! Great job on finishing day 2 assignment...that is more than what I was able to accomplish! LOL! I know how you feel about wanting your tags to be embellished! Mind need it too! untill the next lesson...."CREATE WITH LOVE"

cotnob said...

They are all fabulous Sammy, some great techniques.

Redanne said...

I have to admit I really struggled with a couple on Day 2 but love yours, you have done a brilliant job!! I enjoyed today's class much more! Anne xx

Kat W said...

Gosh, it must be taking you ages to do all these fab technique tag backgrounds but I can see you are having fun!
Another set of gorgeous inkyness but I have to say the last 2 are my favourite as I love the colours and delicate patterning :-)
Big hugs, Kat xx