Saturday 14 December 2013

Craft room reveal - Crafting with Dragonflies

Hi all,

Over at Crafting with Dragonflies, we've been showing off our creative spaces, and this week is my turn!

Now, I don't have a craft room, unlike so many of you lucky peoples out there, but I do have a craft desk. And a craft floor, lol. I craft at a desk in the livingroom, and use the floor under and beside the desk to stack stuff too...

This is it. Most of it is crafty, except the drawers in the desk (household paperwork, booooring!)

The area under the desk houses my box of ribbons and my bag of flowers. Under the drawers I also have a basket of punches and a bag with materials such as hessian (burlap) and such.

On the floor beside the desk I have my 12x12 papers, my cardstock and my box of stamps. Also a couple of boxes for finished cards (one Christmas, one everything else)
In front of all that are my new embellishment boxes, which are always in the way! lol.

On the left hand side of the desk I have my 8x8 and 6x6 paper pads, and my jar of lace! Next to it is a box full of toppers and suchlike (which I rarely use anymore, so I should probably move to somewhere else!) on top of that box are some magazines, my box of charms, my box of card scraps and some bits and bobs I'm working on.

Shelves that house more ribbon and some buttons, and most importantly, my LOTV stamp folders and art pad and sketch pad. this is my favourite shelf! lol.

And finally, the area I work at. As you may be able to tell from the cutting mat, knife and ruler and distinct lack of guillotine, I cut everything by hand (card blanks, mats, you name it). I would be lost without my knife and ruler! On the righthand side are my two extra large pencil cases full of Promarkers, and there are various tools and supplies dotted around the desk. I also have my "Tim Holtz Corner", with my stack of distress inkpads, Stickles and other "potions" :-)

So there you have it. It isn't much, but we live in a shoebox and I am taking up far too much room already as it is! Hopefully we'be be building a conservatory next summer, which will then become my craft room, and give us a little breathing room back in the lounge!

Anyways, hope you enjoyed my little tour... I'd love to see where you all craft too!

Have a fantastic day!



Sarah said...

Thanks for the tour Sammy and I think you are brave to share your creative space!! I shudder at the though of anyone seeing the mess that is my work area!! Since Dec has his own house I have gradually relocated my stash from the study to his room and share with the ironing board!! Martin says that if I accumulate any more stuff I will have to move to the barn!! Have a good day xx

Unknown said...

SAMMY IT DOESN'T MATTER where you craft or how you craft as long as you craft and enjoy it....good luck in my candy. Good reason to enter lol.xxxxxx

Lozzy said...

Thanks Sammy I don't feel as bad now lol. Love your LOTV shelf. Be great when you get your conservatory. Im still waiting for hubby to move his weights and machine out so I have more room, it probably be next Christmas xx

Kat W said...

I do love a little nosey round other people's craft space whether it's a tiny table in a corner or a huge craft room! I can see you are making the most of your space anyway!
Your LOTV shelf is fab - did you make little binders for your stamps? If so, have you posted them on your blog because I would love a closer look!
I am lucky enough to have a craft room with a lovely big desk and yet I still have a 'craft floor' as well, much to Dr Hubby's dismay!
Thanks for sharing your craft space with us all :-)
Big hugs, Kat xx