Tuesday 12 July 2016

Calling all crafters!

Hello ladies and gents.

I'm here to ask you all if you would be willing to help right a terrible wrong. The fate of handmade items everywhere hangs in the balance!

Ok, maybe not quite as dramatic as all that, but now I have your attention, I shall explain, lol.

In my parents' village (Ballater, in the north-east of Scotland, near Balmoral Castle), the Royal Mail powers-that-be decided they wanted to cut some costs (How else will they be able to afford the CEO's measly £1.5 million payout..?), and after moving the post office from it's own dedicated building to a 4ft counter in the co-op, they decided that wasn't anywhere near enough saving.
So what did they do?

They decided to close the sorting office.

Where do the posties now sort the mail, you may ask? Well, they are forced to sort the mail in a public car park. Now, this is Scotland, not Hawaii. It's currently July - the height of summer - and they've had two dry days so far this month. Imagine what December is going to be like? Now, aside from the fact that having the mail sitting outside to get blown away or soaked (which it has, regularly, according to my mum), it's disgusting to ask the postal workers to work under these conditions, without a roof, or even a bathroom!
Not to mention that any Tom, Dick or Angus is perfectly within their rights to be wandering through said car park at any time, which of course presents a real security risk. Mail goes missing often enough as is, without tempting the more unsavoury characters to try and help it along!

Anyway, as you can understand, this affects not only the people of Ballater and surrounding areas, but also those people sending them mail (like me, or anyone who wants to send Her Majesty a letter at Balmoral, lol).

So now that I've bored you with my endless waffle, I would like to ask if you ladies and gents would be willing to sign this petition, protesting the situation, in the hopes that they may take notice and take steps to rectify the situation.

Many thank yous.



Tracey T said...

I've signed, Sammy. As Billy Connolly would say, "It's a f****** disgrace" xx

Ellie Knol said...

Sort of the same here in Holland, they work from hired garage boxes!! With a bicycle to go fetch it and to deliver the mail!
O don't get why we have to pay more and more for our postage while the costs for them get lower and lower. :)

Karen Petitt said...

Sammy I have signed huni, it's disgusting that they are having to work outside in any weather at any time. Shame on Royal Mail, I hope you get lots more signatures huni Karen x

Di said...

Signed too! Disgraceful way to treat staff, let alone the risk to items we pay good money for outrageous postage charges in the first place!

Do post again if it's resolved please.


Di xx

Robin said...

This is awful! I signed the petition. Over half way to 500. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Robin

Sue said...

Signed Sammy it's a disgrace!!!

Kat W said...

An utter disgrace...both a terrible way to treat workers and an appalling way to treat peoples' letters and parcels...I've signed.
Big hugs, Kat xx


It's awful Sammy. the same thing happened here, I now have to take a 30min bus ride to my 'local' sorting office. My mum's (she's disabled and 77) sorting office is nowhere near a bus route, so she would have to get an expensive taxi there and back. Can you imagine if it was one of those letters/cards that has been underpaid - nightmare.

I've signed your petition hunni x

Desperatehousewifecraft said...

I've signed as I think its shocking that this happens in a developed country like the UK!