Friday, 1 February 2019

February challenge - Rhedd's Creative Spirit

Hello again,

Back with my second altered project for the day, this time for Rhedd's Creative Spirit.

I had a play with another canvas, but where the earlier one was full of colour, for this one I stuck to a neutral palette.

I signed up for Creative Jumpstart 2019, and for me the most inspiring project of the month was that of Mystele Kirkeeng. Her projects used all of my favourite supplies and techniques, and it served to remind me that learning new things is great, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun playing with what we know and love too!

So this is my canvas, inspired by Mystele. I hope I did it justice!

The creative jumpstart theme is "My home is my castle", and so I tried to incorporate a few things that I enjoy when I'm at home, such as book paper (I'm an avid reader), a teacup (because I adore tea. Especially really nice loose-leaf ones), and I included a pen nib alongside the heart, as hubby and I met at a time when we both wrote, and it helped to bring us together (I met him in the pub, where he was sitting on the floor in the back, with his manuscript spread out all around him!).

So there it is. One mixed-media home-themed canvas. I hope you have some ideas of your own about things you enjoy and want to turn into a piece of art. when you do, be sure to come share it with us!

Have a fantabulous day!


3 comments: said...

I enjoyed your reasoning behind your make Sammy. Keep enjoying your castle wherever it may be.

Sandra Wright. said...

This is such a creative canvas Sammy..and like Julie already said,I like your reasoning behind it...x

Lys said...

I love these rich textures and the colours, so natural, beautiful thoughts in this project, Sammy!