Sunday 11 May 2014

Great crafty day out!

Hi all,

I'm not here with a DT project for a change, and this post isn't even scheduled! *shock*
I figured I'd do a quick update while I'm actually feeling ok, starting with yesterday's trip to LOTV for the 10th birthday celebrations.

It was a brilliant day out! So lovely to see so many familiar DT faces there, and  to finally meet the super lovely Mary J! Each of the lovely ladies was demo-ing all day long (when not busy chatting instead... some seem to have the ability to multi-task and do both at once. Most impressive! lol), and I picked up yet more things I now want to try. Like playing with shrink plastic... Why is it that every time I see Lou at work, my shopping list grows another foot or two? lol.

Of course, I also got some lovely crafty bargains while I was there too, including 2 dozen Promarkers at half price, and a heap of stamps (naturally) and other goodies. Admittedly, half of said purchases were impulse buys, but I don't regret a single one of them. Never do, lol.

I also met some lovely people while queueing (the queues were somewhat on the long side, so plenty of time to chat!) including someone whose blog I've been following for ages, but didn't realise who it was until I got home! lol.
All in all a really brilliant crafty day out, and the LOTV team did a stellar job! They were rushed off their feet all day long, but kept things running smoothly nonetheless.

In other news, I thought I'd give an update on the pain situation (it being while I'm not around much at the moment). Yes, the pain is still from my wisdom teeth. Apparently, my mouth is really small (how often does one get told that, lol), and there's no room for them. Though they broke through partially about 20 years ago, they've started making a proper break for it these past couple of years, and now things are coming to a head, as they are crushing my other teeth together and they're starting to crack under the strain. (which in turn exposes nerves and provides us with the most excruciating agony imaginable! Honestly, I prefer childbirth!)
Anyways, several trips to the dentist later, and the conclusion is they need to come out. Unfortunately though, I seem to have a resistance to the local anaesthetic they use, and I can still feel the pain very acutely after they have dosed me up, so this is not working. So, I have to see a specialist at the hospital, and will likely have to be put under for multiple extractions (as they're all coming out. "May as well" was what the dentist said, lol). So, now I am waiting for the appointment to come through, which they said could take up to two months. That time is up at the end of next week, so I'm getting rather antsy, as I'll have no idea how long I then have to wait for the actual appointment (this wait is for the letter advising me what the appointment is!) or how long after the letter i'll have to wait for the procedure.
I have been in almost constant pain now for about three months, and there are honestly times where I am losing my mind completely.
Luckily, the pain has only been a mild throb the past couple of days, which is such an incredible relief after some of the agony of the past few months! My crafting is basically done as and when the pain allows me, and I schedule posts similarly. I feel horrible not being able to visit and comment as much as I'd like, but for the time being I'm having to put DT commitments first when I do feel up to it.

Phew! Sorry about the essay! Well done if you managed to stick it out through all that! lol.

I'll throw in some tags I made a while back while I'm here:

 I've tried triple embossing on these next two. That was my first time trying that technique, and I LOVE it!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Speak soon!



Lozzy said...

Hi Sammy, all your tags are beautiful and love the colours you have chosen...Hugs Lozzy xx
hope you here soon and they get you sorted. i no what you mean about your'd rather give birth. I had the same years ago and had to have all 4 took out by op. Went well after and soon as i woke up the pain had gone, so happy.
little tip, put a big blob of tooth paste where it hurts now, it helped for me

Crafty Judith said...

Hi Sammy know what u mean about posting other than DT I even did one don t know if you saw the "Posh frocks" now trying to get to grips with illustrator so i can make some of my own digis. Fabulous tags they are brill hugs Judith xxx

Sarah said...

I've heard that retail therapy helps with pain Sammy!! Sounds like the end is in sight. I had all 4 out about ten years ago under LA two at a time. I was suffering similar problems to yours and what a relief. Martin wouldn't come near me though as they packed the cavities with clove!! xx

brenda said...

Hi Sammy,

Sorry it's been so long but trying hard to get back into the swing of things and wanted to say hello and peek at what you have been up to.

B x

Irish Cherokee said...

ZZZZZZZZ! Not really. LOL. Been there and done that. Not the hospital but 5 to 5 hrs in a dentist chair, wide awake the whole time. My mouth was held open for so long I had trouble closing it. No comments from you either Jill. Love all of your tags. Hope you agony ends soon. I miss hearing from you.

Donna Mosley said...

Gorgeous tags Sammy, love them all. Sounds like you had a lovely time at LOTV, hope your tooth ache gets sorted hun.

Donna x

Sue said...

Hi Sammy sorry to hear your having so much pain with your teeth ouch! I had bother with my wisdom teeth too they are soooooooooooo painful. Glad you got to the LOTV shop you lucky thing!!! I ordered the stamps online lol but I have been promised a trip there soon:) fab tags! take care and lots of huggles Sue xx

Jane Savage said...

Glad you had a fab day at LOTV, Sammy! It’s a bit too far away for me so I popped in every now and then online! Looked like great fun! Probably best I wasn’t there as I would be broke now!
So sorry you’ve had such problems with your Wisdom Teeth (rotten name for them)! Same thing happened to me many, many moons ago and I had to go to hospital to have them out! I looked like Hammy the Hamster after but no pain! I hope your appointment comes through soon.
Amazing tags by the way! Gorgeous colours! Take care! xx

Kat W said...

Oh no, so sorry to read about all the trouble you're having with your teeth and how much pain it's causing you :-(
I've been a bit MIA lately but nothing in particular, just super busy.
Anyway, I hope crafting may provide some little bit of distraction for you and your tags are all stunning - the triple embossing looks fab :-)
Hugs, Kat x

Wynn said...

Ahhhhh Sammy this sounds soooooo painful.....didn't realise this was what was happening to you. Big hugs hun. You have all my sympathy. The dentist and me aren't spoken in the same breathe cos I just hate going. Got a real aversion to them. OH doesn't tell me when my appointment is due just drives me around and then says here you are it's that time again grrrrr I hate them!!! Thinking of you and hope it's over very soon. By the way lucky you having a crafty retail therapy day.....nothing crafty like that over here. Hugs Wynn xx